Hydraulic & Lube Filters

Fact: Filters For Industry, Inc. and Hy-Pro Filtration provide the most complete and advanced solutions for oil cleanliness used in Pulp and Paper, Power Generation, Primary Metals, and Injection Molding worldwide. We provide total systems, superior particulate control, polar oxidation solutions (varnish/acids), and water removal.

Hy-Pro filter elements provide greater ISO cleanliness than competitive brands and also provide longer service life. Hy-Pro produces upgrade replacements for virtually all hydraulic and lube systems.

Vacuum Dehydrators & Oil Purification Equipment

Filters For Industry, Inc. offers Hy-Pro Vac-U-Dry Systems in flow rates ranging from 1 to 60 GPM. These systems reliably remove free and dissolved water and gasses from oil to reduce hydraulic component failures caused by fluid contamination. Systems are available with optional particle counters and water sensors. Our Hy-Pro Vac-U-Dry Systems are available for purchase or rental and are delivered and set up on location. 

  • Rental Systems Available
  • Delivery and Setup Included
  • Emergency Response

Filters For Industry, Inc. also offers Portable Filtration Systems, Coalescing Systems, and Soluble Varnish Removal Systems. Hy-Pro Filter Carts are mobile units that feature DFE-rated Hy-Pro elements for removing water and particulate from hydraulic fluid before use, during use, and after use.

Hy-Pro Coalescing Skids remove water and particulate from turbine oil and from diesel fuel to minimize system contamination.

Soluble Varnish Removal Systems remove oxidation by-products while in solution so that varnish deposit formation does not compromise the functionality of turbine units.

HVAC Filters

Filters For Industry, Inc. is the home of TriplePlay Filter Media®, a cost-effective, performance engineered polyester media to replace pleated media filters used in gas turbines / combined cycles, steel mills, refineries, pulp and paper mills, heavy manufacturing plants, school districts, hospitals, and commercial office buildings. Our MERV 8 TriplePlay Filter Media® has twice the dirt holding capacity of a pleated filter. With its low initial differential pressure and high dirt holding capacity, TriplePlay Filter Media® greatly reduces energy consumption. Installation in our Zip-N-Trak® System eliminates air bypass and greatly reduces labor costs. TriplePlay Filter Media® is available in pads, blankets, rolls, panels, and links.

Filters For Industry, Inc., offers the total range of HVAC filtration products and maintains large inventories at both our Mobile, AL and our Jasper, GA facilities. For further information on these products, please reference The Filtration Group.

Surface Finishing / Paint Overspray

For the capture of H2S, SO2, SO3, mercaptins, and chlorine produced in the harsh environments of Pulp and Paper, Refining, and Chem Process, we provide on-site assessments and assurance monitoring. For further information on available products, please reference Purafil.

Dust Collection Filters

Filters For Industry, Inc. provides upgraded replacement cartridge filters, pleated bags, and fabric filters for ALL dust collection applications including Powder Coat Paint, FDA Process, and Manufacturing requirements. An upgraded replacement for virtually any specialty cartridge is available. Advanced filter technology provides improved filter performance, longer service life, and reduced operating cost.

  • Cartridges for All Systems
  • Replacement Bags and Cages

Process Filtration Filters

Filters For Industry, Inc. offers Process Filtration / Separation removal of suspended solids, ranging in size from over 1000 microns down to 0.2 microns. Please contact us with your specific requirements for fast, cost-effective solutions.

  • LAKOS Separation Systems
  • AJR Filtration bags and cartridges.​

Compressed Air Filters

Filters For Industry, Inc. provides all filters used in compressed air and gas filtration from the inlet air filters, the compressor air / oil separator filters, to the final point-of-use filters. Replacements and upgrades for all systems and brands are available. Please contact us for your specific needs.

  • Elements and Panels for all systems
  • Air / Oil Separator elements for all compressed air systems
  • Point-of-use elements

Surface Finishing/Paint Overspray Filters

Filters For Industry, Inc. offers a complete cost-effective package of paint overspray collection filters and make-up air system filtration, including XL-100 Paint Arrestor Media, non-bypass frames, face gaskets, and filter housings. Our XL100 Paint Arrestor Media is cut to width and length in-house and can be customized to any size painting booth, reducing waste and cost. XL100 Cube Filters, TriplePlay Filter Media, and DoublePlay Panels provide greater efficiency and longer service life. Filtration Surveys and System Reviews are offered free of charge.

  • FFI XL-100 Paint Arrestor Media
  • FFI XL-100 Cube Filters
  • FFI TriplePlay and DoublePlay Panel Filters
  • FFI R-1 Panel Filters
  • 560G-10 and 5 Micron Diffusion Media and Panels

Fuel Filtration

Jet Fuel, AvGas, and Diesel

  • Filter / Separator Housings, Elements for Refineries, Pipelines, and FBO’s
  • Jet Fuel Filtration
  • Diesel Fuel Filtration
  • Coalescing Systems for Water Removal

Oil and Gas Filtration

  • Gas Production Plants and Pipelines
  • Refineries and Petrochemical
  • Gas Turbines / Combined Cycle Plants
  • Replacement Elements for Perry Equipment, Peerless, King Tool, Nowata, and Waukesha

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